Chile joined the Coalition to strengthen its activities to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) both domestically and abroad. Prior to joining the CCAC, Chile implemented SLCP mitigation activities in the waste, transport, household energy, agricultural and bricks sectors to improve air quality in its cities. Upon joining the CCAC, Chile expressed an interest in sharing its experience with Coalition partners by providing access to the country’s data and participating in Coalition-led studies. 


Activity | Household Energy
“Burn Right” is an awareness campaign launched in Sweden and Chile, along with a global online platform sponsored by the Coalition. It asks woodstove users to follow a few simple steps when burning...
Workstream | SNAP
While many countries recognize the value of addressing short-lived climate pollutants and taking an integrated approach to climate and air quality planning, they often lack capacity within the...


2017 | Awareness Materials
, Ministry of Environment, Chile

A Spanish language public awareness brochure that explains the impacts of air pollution on health and the environment, its sources and impacts and the action of the government of Chile to...


Ministry of Environment, Teatinos 254/258
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