Colombia joined the Coalition to scale up its efforts to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), raise the profile of SLCPs, and push for large-scale action both in the country and surrounding region. The country recognizes the importance of mitigating SLCPs to address both near term climate change and air pollution.

Lead Partner in: Bricks and Household Energy Initiatives

CCAC activities

Activity | Waste
Colombia | Ongoing
The Coalition's Municipal Solid Waste Initiative has provided support to the city of Cali (Colombia) for an organic waste management project that can reduce short-lived climate pollutant and...
Cali, Colombia
Workstream | SNAP
While many countries recognize the value of addressing short-lived climate pollutants and taking an integrated approach to climate and air quality planning, they often lack capacity within the...
Workstream | SNAP
The major health, climate, crop yield and ecosystem benefits of short-lived climate pollutant mitigation that have been identified in global assessments will only be achieved through widespread and...
Workstream | Oil and Gas
Methane emissions from upstream oil and gas operations account for about 3% of total global greenhouse gas emissions (with 100-year global warming potential factors). As with other short-lived...
Oil and gas operations in Colombia
Workstream | HFC
HFCs have a wide range of uses, including in foams, refrigeration, and aerosols, and manufacturers tend to use well-known existing technology solutions that currently are not as climate-friendly as...


2018 | Policies, Plans & Regulations

The purpose of this law is to establish guidelines for the management of climate change in the decisions of public and private persons, the concurrence of the Nation, Departments,...

 Law for the Management of Climate Change
2018 | Policies, Plans & Regulations

The purpose of the Green Growth Policy is to boost the productivity and economic competitiveness of the country by 2030, while ensuring the sustainable use of natural capital and social inclusion...

Colombia's Green Growth Policy
2018 | Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
, Herrera, G.; Fernanda, L.; Barragán, L. Alejandra, M.; Gaitan, M.

This document is a technical document on soot free public transport to raise awareness on the benefits to air quality and climate in Colombia.

Worldwide, the transport sector contributes...

Mass public transport- soot free and more efficient
2017 | Policies, Plans & Regulations

The decree sets out the rules for using offsets to comply with the new carbon tax establishes some high-level criteria that projects have to meet. The main criteria require that emission...



Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Calle 37 No.8-40
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