France joined the Coalition as part of its efforts to ensure coherence between its clean air and climate agenda and pursue, both at the national and international level, ambitious actions on short-lived climate forcers.

Fully involved in international climate change negotiations, France supports actions than can accelerate, on-the-ground, the necessary move towards low-carbon economies and sustainable pathways.


Videos: How France is working with the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to drive ambitious action on air pollution and climate change.

Examples of climate and clean air action
"We know that by fighting climate change, we also improve air quality. And the benefit is twofold."


The value of partnering with the Coalition
"This is what I call ‘action diplomacy’: a diplomacy that delivers for the climate and that truly, concretely changes people’s lives."

Launching the Cooling Efficiency initiative
"We are convinced that it is possible to reduce the impact or air conditioning and refrigeration on the planet, firstly by phasing down these HFCs... and secondly by improving the energy efficiency of appliances."

Other activities

Domestic activities

France is committed to reducing its methane and HFCs emissions, as part of its commitment under the Kyoto Protocol. France also has undertaken activities to improve methodologies, and work towards building a national inventory for black carbon emissions. France’s cities are also very active on reducing methane emissions from landfills.

International activities

France is very active at the international level through its cooperation agency, the French Development Agency (AFD). Current projects include, for example, methane capture in landfills in Uzbekistan and Palestine; support for a program that would allow 400,000 households access to improved cookstoves by 2017 in east Asia and west Africa; and deployment of improved biodigestors in India and Mali.

France has been actively promoting the issue of energy access, and launched together with Kenya the Paris-Nairobi Climate Initiative, a global partnership aiming at securing universal access to clean energy in Africa and countries most vulnerable to climate change. Among the many objectives, this initiative will act to prevent inefficient uses of biomass, responsible for substantial emissions of black carbon, by substituting inefficient traditional practices for cleaner modern energy services.


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